Dynamics Launch File for AIT

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If you have both Advanced Intercompany Transactions (AIT) and Analytical Accounting (AA) in your Dynamics launch file (Dynamics.set), even if you are not using AA with AIT, you much have AIT come before AA in the launch file. We recommend that you position AIT second or third, depending on whether or not you have Integration Manager (IM) installed.  If IM is installed, leave it second and put AIT third.

Starting with builds released after 6/30/15, AIT will warn you if the launch file is not configured correctly.

You need to do this because product launch file location determines the order Dexterity client side triggers get fired.  If AA precedes AIT, AA triggers will fire before AIT triggers and this will cause error messages on some data entry windows and could have an impact on the AIT posting process, preventing distributions from making it across company databases.