Advanced Intercompany Transactions

Advanced Intercompany Transactions (AIT) for Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you better manage multi-company accounting transactions. It’s filled with features that you won’t find in any  other intercompany product, and makes managing your enterprise accounting efficient and practical. From setup to data-entry, from straight through posting to cross-company drill-downs,  AIT gives you the flexibility and power you need to track your multiple entities.

You can use an Allocation Template or you can manually distribute a GL Journal Entry, Payables Voucher, Bank Reconciliation, Receivables Sales, Purchase Order, Inventory or Payroll Transaction to as many companies and accounts as you need. Use SPARC to have any GP module automatically create intercompany distributions. Standard, reversing and recurring transactions maintain complete transaction detail in both originating and destination companies. AIT automatically generate Balance Sheet entries to Due From/Due To accounts for both the originating and destination companies.

SPARC makes integration easy.  Configure SPARC to automatically generate intercompany distributions regardless of the source of your data: any GP module, eConnect, Dynamics GP Web Services, Integration Manager or other ISV products.

Entering transactions, account and company information is fully verified. AIT will check for open periods, make sure accounts exist and are active, validate any allocation accounts, and more. Even multi-currency settings and the user’s security access are verified. And AIT won’t let the transaction post until it has passed all verification tests.

In the originating company, you can view all transaction details, including the companies, accounts, and currency amounts. In the destination companies, you can view all originating company information, and even drill-down to the originating transaction in the originating company, whether it originated as a Journal Entry, a Payables Voucher, a Bank Reconciliation, Receivables Sales, Purchase Order or Payroll transaction. If it was a Payables Voucher, you can continue to drill down to the apply information and more.

You can use a “Template” to automatically calculate your multi-company distributions. Once these default distributions have been calculated, you can fine tune them by adjusting the percentages or currency amounts. You can use posting or allocation accounts, variable or fixed percentages, to distribute any Journal Entry, Payables Voucher, Receivables transaction or Payroll Transaction or Salaries Employee to as many companies and accounts as you need.

GP Agent

GP Agent adds scheduling to your system and frees you from your desktop, letting you tell Dynamics GP what to do with your schedule in mind. You can assign reports, posting, table maintenance, routines, and more to another computer on your network. Based on a schedule that you manage and control, you can have your system work for you when you are away from your computer, or even away from the office. You can group processing, add custom code, even fit a backup into a posting process or email invoices, picking tickets or other sales documents .

Schedule Postings, Reports, Maintenance, Document Delivery and more.  Email your quotes, orders, invoices, purchase orders, picking tickets, statements, remittance advices with GP Agent.  Schedule one task at a time, or a group of tasks on a repeating basis every few minutes or annual.  You make the call.  Send reports as emails for scheduled task.

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