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– Make sure you have a backup of your updated GP data.
– If you have a large volume of transactions in the GL20000 and/or GL30000 and/or IC30000 table, an update to 2010 may take a long time.  Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space on the machine on which you will run the update.  As preparation, you may want to:

1. cleanup your temp folders, particularly of any files or folders that begin TNT
2. defrag the drive in which the temp folder is located
3. disable any utilities that impact disk performance
4. if running the update on a 32bit OS, remove the /3GB switch from the boot.ini (if it’s there) as this switch will limit the amount of memory allocated to disk caching and virtual memory.

– If updating from 9.0 or 10.0, run AIT Reconcile on the AIT GL Keys table after completing the AIT Setup Wizard.