AIT Installation Checklist

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1. Install Microsoft Dynamics GP and create all of your companies.
2. Finish your Microsoft Dynamics GP setup, including a starting Chart of Accounts or at least one GL Account in each company.
3. Assign a functional currency to all companies, even if you are not using the Multi-Currency module.
4. Install Advanced Intercompany Transactions (AIT) download file.
5. Choose to install the Script files on the first workstation or server installation.
6. Do not manually copy any files from another computer or location.
7. Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP and include the new code.
8. Click “Setup” to start the the AIT Setup Wizard after you’ve logged into a company.
9. Login as the “sa”.
10. Choose any company from your list of companies.
11. Let the Setup Wizard choose the installation options.
12. Update tables if you are upgrading from another version.
13. Mark ALL companies if you are on SQL Server, even if some companies may not be using AIT.
14. Verify the settings on the AIT Setup window.
15. Enter your registration keys.
16. Verify your security and posting settings.
17. Verify your company options with the AIT Company Setup window.
18. Set up Advanced Intercompany Transactions Due From and Due To accounts.
19. Make sure that AIT is the second or third product in the Dynamics launch file (Dynamics.set).