GP Agent tasks do not run as planned

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If GP Agent tasks do not apper to execute, you should enable script logging.  This can be accomplished by making the appropirate changes on the GP Agent Status window’s Logging tab.  Once you have started logging, wait until a task appears to run (task will move from the Timed queue to the Active queue). Stop logging and view the log (usually located in the \data subfolder and begins “mc2…log”).

You may get an error in the Dexterity script log:

Your attempt to log into the server failed because the user ID you entered is already logged in. Remove the login record from the server and attempt to log in again.

This can happen if you have changed the GP SQL server, changed the name of the ODBC DSN or the ODBC DSN on the DPS machine differs from the ODBC DSN on the client workstation that submitted the task.

If you need to change the DSN, and have enabled autologin on the DPS for GP Agent, you will need to temporarily disable the autologin by editing the Dex.ini file that’s being used for the DPS. Change the GPAAUTOLOGIN value in the Dex.ini.  If the password has not changed, you do not need to reconfigure the autologin, but if it has changed, you will need to reconfigure the autologin.  Setting up autologin differs between versions, so refer to the KB article below.