AIT Distribution Errors

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You can sometimes get a distribution error on an AIT transactions.  In the GL it will display this on the edit list:

*** Error in Company The AIT distributions <> the originating company due from/to

In Payables Management it will display this:

*** AIT Voucher Errors: Voucher PURCH distributions <> AIT distributions.

The messages mean that the distributions on the AIT scrolling window do not balance the originating company distributions to the Due From/Due To accounts found on the Dynamics GP scrolling window or do not match the originating company expense distributions.  This most often happens if you manually edit the GP distributions instead of editing all distributions in the AIT scrolling window.  Whenever you distribute a transaction to another company, AIT must have a balancing entry to the Due From/Due To account.  If it does not, AIT will not allow the transaction to post in order to keep the Due From/Due To accounts in balance.

In early versions of AIT 10.0 and 2010, you could mix distribution entry between the two scrolling windows, entering only destination entries on the AIT window and originating entries on the GP window, but later versions eliminated that ability due to the addition of SPARC.

To resolve this issue, either manually edit the GP distribution, setting it back to it’s original value, or use the Reset Button to have AIT recreate the Dynamics GP distributions and enter all distributions on the AIT window