AIT Payroll Option Features and Configuration

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If you want to distribute GP Payroll information to multiple companies, you have a variety of methods available to you with AIT.

First decide if you want to assign intercompany distributions directly in the Payroll module or if you want to use SPARC to handle the intercompany distributions when the transactions reach the GL batch created by the Payroll posting process.  We’ll refer to the first method as the direct intercompany, the latter as SPARC.

If you chose SPARC, then all you need to do is setup your SPARC account segments or accounts and then use the standard GP Payroll Account Setup window to assign the appropriate accounts.  SPARC will then take care of routing the GP Payroll distributions to the appropriate companies.  Other than the SPARC setup, there’s no other AIT setup required.

If you chose the direct method, then you’ll need to setup additional information on some AIT windows.