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You can enable the DPS to automatically login with GP Agent.

If you are using Dynamics GP 9.0 or 10.0:

1. Log into GP on the DPS workstation.
2. Under the Tools/mc² GP Agent Setup menu, select Enable Autologin.
3. You will be prompted for a user id and a password for the DPS login.  This user and password are not verified.
4. Exit GP and launch the DPS to verify that the user id and password entered in #4 are accurate.

If you are using Dynamics GP 2010 and 2013:

Simply mark the “Remember user and password” checkbox on the login window when you launch the DPS.  The GP Agent will use that for logging into the DPS.  Before build 11.0m48, automatic login depends on the Dynamics GP system setting and will also automatically log into the Dynamics GP client. Beginning with build 11.0m48, this login is not used for Dynamics GP nor is it connected to the Dynamics GP settings.  This login is stored as an encrypted registry setting for the current Windows user login.