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Chart of Accounts

SPARC let’s you easily generate AIT distrubutions with minimal setup, complete integration into other ISV applications, integration into all GP modules, and GP Tools.

If you already know about AIT Internal Companies, that’s all you need to start using SPARC. Setup your Internal Companies and SPARC will automatically create AIT distributions in the GL based simply on the GL Account you assign to your distribution.

If you want to use SPARC with separate databases, you can map your GP Account Segments to route distributions to other companies. You don’t have to setup every account — just pick an originating company segment and a desitnation company and segment. AIT will automatically route the distribution to the other company. If you want to route specific accounts, you can do that too. You can even do both segments and accounts.

Best of all, SPARC can work with any other application that integrates into GP. Whether you’re using Integration Manager, eConnect, Visual Studio Tools, Web Services, ISV applications that build on these tools or writing directly to the GP SQL tables, SPARC will automatically create the AIT distributions.