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Here are some things to know about registrations keys for Visions products:
They are not required when logged into Fabrikam, the sample company.
They must be entered on the mc² Registration window (not the Dynamics GP Registration window).
Enter registration keys with all users logged out of Dynamics GP or other user activity could set the registration flag back to “unregistered” because they logged in when the product was still unregistered.
They depend on the Site Name associated with your Dynamics GP registration, as well as the number of users.
GP Agent uses named user licensing, depending on how many users will be using the product, but we also need to know the total number of Dynamics GP users.
If you continue to get registration error messages after entering your keys, attach a screen shot of the About Microsoft Dynamics GP window to the Contact Us form (
The number of registered users may not impact the price of your software or maintenance plan, but we need to have an accurate Dynamics GP user count in order to issue registration keys.
Temporary keys are available for a 60 day trial of any of our applications.
“Permanent” keys are issued only after payment has been received.