Using SmartConnect with AIT

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Starting with build 2010m135 and 10.0m147, if you have SmartConnect from eOne, AIT will automatically add Nodes to General Ledger, Payables, Receivables and Purchase Order transactions. This lets you easily integrate AIT distributions into GP and PM transactions.

The Nodes are automatically created by the AIT Setup Wizard if the Wizard detects a SmartConnect installation. If you do not see the Nodes, it is because you ran the AIT Wizard before you installed SmartConnect. Simply re-run the AIT Wizard again and make sure to mark Install SQL Objects and the Setup Wizard will add the SmartConnect Nodes. You may need to mark the Install SQL Objects in order to install the eConnect error codes. In some later versions of AIT for GP2015 and GP2016, you can add the SmartConnect nodes from the AIT Utilities window, without running the AIT Setup Wizard.

When using the SmartConnect Nodes for integrating GL, PM transactions, do not assign any distribution information to the GP distribution nodes. Using only the AIT nodes will automatically create the default GP distributions.

When using SmartConnect Nodes with POP, make sure that the GP POP line Nodes are populated before the AIT Nodes.