Users are currently logged in with a different version of AIT

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When logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP when AIT is installed, AIT will make sure that all users currently logged into GP are using the exact same version and build of AIT. If not, you will get the following error message:

Users are currently logged in with a different version of AIT.  This can cause data corruption.

The error happens only if two or more users have a different build of AIT on their workstations.  If you are not sure which user or workstation has the wrong version installed, run the following SQL script and compare users and versions.  The result will show the last version a user was running when they logged into AIT.  This script will not indicate which users are currently logged in, so you should compare the results to the users indicated in the ACTIVITY table.

Please note that in addition to users currently logged in with different versions there may be references in this table to users that are not logged in or that no longer use the Dynamics GP system.  The script here shows you all values in descending order by AIT Version.  Check the results for any that don’t have the current AIT version, ignoring blank values.  If they are actually logged in and using GP, that means their workstation needs to be updated.  If any of those users no longer use AIT or aren’t logged in right now, you can update their AIT Version to be blank (second script replacing <insert current version here> with the actual AIT build that is in place).  Once you have updated any workstations and cleared erroneous versions from this table, if the message comes up again, please check the table again with the first script and update any users workstations indicated with the correct build.


select userid as’User ID’, mc2_User_Values_1 as’Version’, mc2_User_Values_2 as’Computer’, mc2_User_Values_3 + mc2_User_Values_4 as’Installation Location’ from dynamics..ic60100 where mc2_tab_Value = 6

order by mc2_User_Values_1 desupdate IC60100 set mc2_User_Values_1=” where mc2_User_Values_1<>'<insert current version here>’


Note: Some versions of AIT had misspelled “different” as “differnt”.  This note is added so that this KB article will still show in search results for a correctly spelled message.