Unexpected error when posting a Bank Transaction

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When posting an AIT Bank Transaction, if you can receive the following message: Unexpected error IT_CM_Transactions %2 %3.  This happens when a previous attempt to enter or post an AIT Bank Transaction failed to post or if Dynamics GP crashed when entering an AIT Bank Transaction.  The crash has left an incomplete transaction in the AIT Bank Transaction tables.  Starting with AIT 2010m138 (or higher), AIT will automatically clean up this incomplete data.  If you are on an earlier build, you will need to delete the row manually from the IC30200 table:

delete from IC30200 where CMRECNUM = 0

Make sure that no users logged into that company when you manually delete those records, as there is no way to determine if a user is entering or about to post a Bank Transaction and deleting this record while a user is entering or about to post could cause a crash in Dynamics GP.