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There can be a conflict between the Integration Manager (IM) and Advanced Intercompany Transactions (AIT) prior to Dynamics GP 10.0. Because IM uses the Dynamics GP macro system to bring data into Dynamics GP, it must open windows and populates the fields on these windows with values. If any ISV product disables a Dynamics GP field, IM will fail because it cannot focus on (“tab” to) that field, so this issue is not specific to AIT, but can happen in any ISV product with Alternate Dynamics windows. The conflict will not happen in most version 9.0 and all 10.0 , but in prior versions, this is a possibility.

When using 8.0 or prior versions, some users disable AIT through the Tools/Customization Status menu item, but this is not the recommended method. Users can sometimes forget to enable AIT after the integration runs, causing AIT batches to post only in the originating company. This leaves all intercompany distributions orphaned, with no distribution information sent to the destination company.  In order to make an integration work with AIT, you may need to create a special user login that does not have any security rights to the AIT Alternate Great Plains windows. You must also open the AIT User Options window (Setup => Company) and mark the Disable Security Warnings option. To learn more about this option, please refer to the documentation. This will eliminate conflicts between AIT and IM.

This solution may not work with all ISV products, and in order for the solution to work, the ISV must check security in any focus trigger they have built into the application. Contact them to see if it is a valid solution for their product.

When using Dynamics GP 9.0 or higher, the Dynamics GP security system will prevent the alternate window from opening and only open the original GP window.  If the ISV designs their triggers appropriately, the program will cooperate with the Dynamics GP macro system.  If they do not design them correctly, their triggers can fire on field that they have added to the Dynamics GP window and will throw a “Null Field Address” error, which will interfere with IM.  AIT build 9.0m35 (or higher) accounts for IM and will not interfere with IM running it’s macros.