Integrating with the AIT PM Transaction Entry window

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Some ISVs integrate with Dynamics GP by using the Modifier, adding a button to the GP window and then adding VBA code to fire their app.  When it comes to Alternate windows, this becomes more complicated because of a bug in Dexterity that does not completely update Modified Alternate forms*.  To work around this issue and allow ISVs to build around the AIT PM Transaction Entry window, a hidden, unused button has been added to the AIT Alternate PM Transaction Entry window. In order to expose this button, you will need to add the following settings to the dex.ini (preferences) file:

Dex.ini value Description
AITDISPLAYPMBUTTON = TRUE This setting will expose the hidden button
AITPMBUTTONTEXT = Test This setting will assign the text the button will display

This setting has been added to the AIT build listed below and higher.

* When you modify an Alternate Form, Dynamics GP creates a Forms dictionary for that ISV product.  During creation, Dynamics GP copies over all “core” resources, such as table definitions, fields, data types, etc.  There are two main bugs regarding Modified Alternate Forms. One is that, once created, GP will not update those core resources.  This means that if a table is changed, a key definition is added or revised, GP will not recognize the changes and this will cause various types of errors when accessing any table with a new definition.  A similar problem exists with Reports dictionary created for an ISV product.  In the case of reports, the error will be a “Table Hierarchy” error, even though the table hierarchy is fine. Using the Forms and Reports dictionary update in Dynamics GP Utilities will not resolve this problem.  The only way to properly update the dictionaries is to Package and Import the modified forms and reports into a brand new dictionary file.