GP Agent Product Incompatibilities

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GP Agent Product Incompatibilities

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We have determined that the following items are incompatible with GP Agent must be removed from your Dynamics GP launch file (.set) for the DPS when using GP Agent to schedule tasks:

Product ID
Product Description
Technical Services Tool

Mekorma Products Manager

Mekorma MICR

MEM Connector for Payables

MEM Connector for Payroll

Report Scheduler

Advanced Accounts

Extender Enterprise

Advanced Intercompany*

Dynamics GP Toolbox

Analytical Accounting**


Advanced Go Tos

HITB Report***

Keep in mind that this is only for the launch file used for the DPS.  You can configure your system to used different launch files for GP and the DPS.  If you are running the DPS in a Terminal Server environment, you may need to add a second installation instance of GP for users that require these products and also require certain .dll addins.  If installing a second GP instance, install GP Agent in the second instance, not the one used my a majority of GP users. Refer to the KB articles below for more details.

These products are not compatible for a variety of reasons:
If an application generates a report without specifying a specific destination, a Report Destination window will pop-up and suspend all processing on the DPS.
– If an application attempts to access SQL data before the GP Login, a generic SQL Login will pop-up and potentially cause issues with other processes.
– If an application does not initialize global variables based on a successful GP login, environment variables will make the application unreliable.
– If an application relies on user interaction, such as a “Are you sure…” prompt, it will suspend all processing on the DPS.
– Some products may also require the removal of .dll files from the GP or GP\Addin folder, such as Microsoft.Dynamics.GL.OnlineServices.dll and Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Sharepoint.dll.

If you are running GP and the DPS on a Terminal Server, you may not be able to delete these items without impacting all GP users, so you may need to create another installation instance of GP and run the DPS out of that GP instance.

* If you are using Advanced Intercompany Transactions (AIT), AIT build 11.0m105 or higher is compatible with GP Agent build 11.0m38 or higher.

** If you are using Analytical Accounting (AA), you can leave AA in the launch file, but you must turn off the printing of the AA posting reports on the Dynamics GP Posting Setup window.  Choose Financial Series and General Entry origin and unmark the Print checkbox for the AA General Posting Journal.  Repeat for all Series and Origins for which you plan on using AA. If you leave the Print checkbox marked, AA will pop up a Report Destination window on the DPS and will stop all processing.

*** Starting with GP Agent for GP 2013, you do not need to remove the HITB app from the launch file.

**** If SmartConnect is installed, remove the eOne.Dynamics.ExcelBuilder.Engine.dll and eOne.SmartConnect.GPAddin.dll.