GP Agent and eContact Setup Tips

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GP Agent and eContact Setup Tips

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Install the Latest Build
We release updates regularly.  These updates include both feature improvements and bug fixes.  For example, one recent build added a “Default” button to the User Options window so that you could, by answering a few questions, setup all 5 Setup windows and over 40 options.

Decide whether or not to synchronize with Outlook Contacts
You can store email addresses in Outlook or in it’s own tables.  The primary reason to integrate with Outlook is if you want to have a single source of your Customer and Vendor contacts and email addresses outside of Dynamics GP.  This makes them available to other employee that do not have access to Dynamics GP and gives you easy access to these email addresses directly in Outlook, and not only when you’re in Dynamics GP.  Keep in mind that, if you have eContact Lite, you can’t integrate with Outlook.

How does are email addresses looked up?
When not synchronizing with Outlook Contacts, email addresses are retrieved only from it’s own tables.  When synchronizing with Outlook Contacts, email addresses are retrieved only from Outlook.  If you’re in Sales, looks up the billing address contact (this can be over-ridden in 10.0); if you’re using it in Purchasing, the Purchase address is used; if you’re using it for Remittance Advices, the Remit To address is used.  If you do not have a Contact Person entered for this address, the application will not be able to find any email addresses for that customer or vendor.  Also, you must have a person’s first and last name (or a department, such as “Accounts Payable”), not just an email address.

What happens to email addresses already in Dynamics GP?
The information you may have in the Dynamics GP Internet Information tables is synchronized when you first install, when you run the Synchronize Contacts (Utilities window), or whenever you update a customer or vendor.  If you have email addresses in both places, eContact will never choose the Dynamics GP email address over the email address stored in it’s own tables.  To update your email addresses or enter new ones, we recommend sticking to our windows: they provide additional information and flexibility.  If you update in both places, the Dynamics GP tables will not get update.  If you have email addresses in Dynamics GP and they’re not showing up in , run the utilities (depending on which version of eContact you have) to synchronize email addresses.  Refer to the manual for additional information on these different utilities.