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When using AIT builds listed below, you might get the following error if you have SPARC enabled in the GL:
A save operation on table ‘GL_TRX_LINE_WORK’ failed accessing SQL data.
After clicking the More Info button, you would see the error details:
[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ‘Z-AUD          ‘ to data type int.
This error was due to a problem in a stored prodecure that shipped with the related AIT builds.
Resolution 1:
– Install the latest build of AIT and run the AIT Setup Wizard
Resolution 2:
– Download one of the flies listed below, based on which version of Dynamics GP and AIT you are using.
– Drop the itTrxCurrency.sql file contained in the .zip file in the …\SQL\mc2 folder underneath the Dynamics GP install folder.  When asked if you want to replace the file that’s already there, make sure to replace it.
– Log into GP as ‘sa’ and run the AIT Setup Wizard.

If you do not have the listed builds installed or are not experiencing the exact error and symptoms, do not attempt Resolution 2.