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If you are using eConnect to integrate transactions into GP, you can create a GP Agent On-Demand Task to automatically post that transaction when the eConnect process is finished. You would do this by calling the GP Agent mc2GPASetTriggerStatus as a Post procedure. The mc2GPASetTriggerStatus is located in the Dynamics GP System database (usually DYNAMICS). The stored procedure will tell the GP Agent On-Demand Task that it is time to run.

First create the tasks you want to have GP Agent run. As an example, we could have four tasks run when the eConnect process is finished: SOP-PRESCRIPT, SOPXFER, SOPPOST and SOPSALESRPT.

SOP-PRESCRIPT: This task will run a SQL script.

SOPXFER: This task will transfer all the orders in our WEBORD…. batches, the task selecting any batch that starts with “WEBORD”. Our eConnect process specifies that, when transferred, orders will go into a WEBINV…. batch.

SOPPOST: This task will post all batches that begin WEBINV.

SOPSALESRPT: This task runs the Sales Analysis Report for the current date and emails the report as needed.

SOPDAILY: This task pulls together all our other tasks so that we need to setup only one On-Demand Tasks for eConnect to trigger.

For more on creating other On-Demand Tasks, refer to the KB articles below.

Requires GP Agent 14.0m48 or higher for GP 2015R2 or GP Agent 16.0m015 or higher for GP 2016.