Configuring a Default Printer for GP Agent

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GP Agent requires a Default Printer for each physical computer that is running a DPS instance. This is required in case either GP or ISV reports are automatically generated as part of their processing. Even if you do not print any reports with GP Agent and plan on sending everything to a file or email everything, you still need to specify a default printer.  If you do not have a printer installed on the DPS machine, you will need to install some type of printer.  If you do not want anything to print, no matter what, do not assign an actual printer, but instead install a dummy printer.  The dummy printer should never be one that will prompt for a file name, like the XPS printer driver, or selecting a FILE: for the printer destination.  This will throw up a dialog box that will require user interaction and will therefore bring the DPS to a halt.  Instead, add a local printer:

1. Go to Printers and Devices and click Add a Printer.
2. Select Add a Local Printer.
3. Pick LPT1: (Printer Port), assuming that you don’t actually have a printer attached to your LPT1: printer port, since computers rarely have these ports anymore.  If you do have one on LPT1:, choose LPT2:, or any local port that does not really have a printer attached.
4. Select Generic under Manufacturer and Generic/Text Only for Printers.
5. Click Next, Next, etc.
6. Do not share the printer.
7. Set as the Default Printer.

Any stray reports sent to the printer will automatically go to this printer but never really print.  Occasionally, you should look at this printers queue to make sure that it has no incomplete jobs.  Take a look at the print jobs, if there are any, to determine what might be causing them to happen and then cancel them.