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When using GP Agent, you may want to setup the workstation or server on which you’re running the DPS to automatically login to Windows so that you can automatically launch GP Agent and Outlook.  If you do this, whenever the computer or virtual machine is restarted, the DPS will be automatically started.   To accomplish this, follow these steps:

1. Enable Auto Logon for GP Agent (see KB article below).
2. Enable Automatic Logon for Window. Be aware that this stores unencrypted password information in the registry.
3. If you are on a domain, follow steps 4-6, otherwise skip to 7.
4. Right click on the blank space on the right of side of the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon subkey and click New, then click String Value.
5. Type DefaultDomainName
6. Double-click the newly created key and type in the name of your domain.
7. Drag the Outlook to the Startup folder of your Start menu.
8. Drag the DPS shortcut(s) as described in the KB articles (below).
9. Restart the computer to verify that the computer automatically logs in and starts the applications.