Analytical Accounting for AIT

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In order to utilize Analytical Accounting (AA) with Advanced Intercompany Transactions (AIT), you must obtain special registration keys from mc² for Product ID 6546. To request additional registration keys for AA contact Sales at [email protected].

AIT will transfer all AA distributions to other companies based on the Dynamics GP distributions to the Due From/Due To accounts in the originating company. When you enter AA distribution information for a destination company, you must add the information for the to the Due From/Due To account distribution displayed on the Standard tab (GL Transactions) or on the PM Transaction Distribution Entry window (PM Transactions), etc.

AIT will not automatically add “on-the-fly” AA Dimensions, Code, etc. to the destination company when you post.  You must manually add all Dimensions and Codes before transactions are posted.  If the Dimensions or Codes do not exist, AIT will still create the AA transaction information, so that you can edit the AA distributions, but AIT will not create new Dimensions or Codes on the fly.  If the Dimension or Code does not exist, the transaction will still post, but AIT will post only the Dimensions and Codes that exist.

Technical Note: If you’re familiar with AA data structures and know that the same Dimension or Code might get a different index values in different companies, you do not need to worry about that.  AIT will match Dimensions and Codes by the alphanumeric value, not by the index key.