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Detailed instructions to uninstall AIT can be found in the AIT manual.  Complete the uninstallation as described in the manual, then remove the application from the Control Panel applet.  On some systems, AIT SQL triggers may not be removed from the databases.  In these cases, you will get errors when attempting to save a GL Account or potentially when posting a transaction.  This happens because the tables that the AIT SQL triggers reference no longer exist.

To resolve this issue

1. Verify that the AIT triggers still exist by running the following SQL statement:

select name, type from sysobjects where name like ‘itt%’

This will give you a result list of all AIT triggers that need to be dropped.

2.Remove the triggers listed in the results by running the following SQL statement for each of the triggers:

drop trigger ‘triggername

Where ‘triggername‘ is a name from the triggers that appeared in 1.