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With build 11.0m35 of AIT for GP 2010 and 10.0m85 for GP 10.0, the GL distributions and journal entry creation changed.  This change only impacts internal company distributions to a company internal to your current login company (i.e., the database you are currently logged into when you enter the distributions).  Distributions to companies internal to another database will be created as before, but distributions to internal companies within your current login company will now be merged.

In previous versions, when you created a distribution to an internal company, AIT would create a separate journal entry for each internal company.  Example:  You are logged into Fabrikam.  You have two companies — C100 and C200 — that are internal to Fabrikam, based on the first segment of the chart of accounts.  You create a journal entry debiting an account in C100 and crediting an account in C200.  When this transaction is posted, AIT used to create 3 journal entries: 1. The entry entered in Fabrikam (a debit and credit to the Due From/Due To accounts for the C100 and C200); 2. The debit to C100 (with a credit to the Due From/Due To account); 3. The credit to C200 (with a debit to the Due From/Due To account).

AIT will now create only one journal entry.  This journal entry will contain all the distributions that used to be separated out into multiple journal entries.  This means that the distributions displayed on the Standard tab of the AIT version of the Transaction Entry window will look different than before, and you will now see all distributions that will be created by the transaction.  Previously, you saw only the Due From/Due To distributions to the originating (Fabrikam in our example above).

In the Bank Reconciliation module, AIT will now create only one transfer transaction and one journal entry.  Make sure to change the AIT Setup window (Module tab) setting to use the Due From/Due To account or you will get duplication to your cash account instead of the correct entry to your Due From/Due To account.

In the Payables and Receivables Management module, you will see no changes to the subledger, but the voucher or receivables transaction will now create only one journal entry.  In order to avoid duplicate distributions to the cash account in Bank Transaction Entry, make sure to select the Due From/To option on the Module tab of the AIT Setup window.