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AIT has tables that are designed to make cross-company lookups and verifications faster and simpler by collecting information from your many companies, and storing it in the DYNAMICS database.  When you add new companies, particularly when you add new Internal companies, you will need to run the check links process to update these tables.  Most of the time, AIT SQL triggers installed by the Setup Wizard will self-maintain the AIT tables for you.  If you have AIT installed on all workstations, you do not need to run this process during your daily routines of adding new accounts to your companies, as long as the accounts are added through the Great Plains interface, such as the Account Maintenance or Mass Modify window, or through Integration Manager.  If you have special SQL routines that add accounts directly to SQL tables (e.g. via stored procedures or triggers) you may need to run a separate routine to update these tables.  You can either run the Check Links process from the AIT Maintenance window (File => Maintenance => AIT Maintenance) or you can use this document to guide you through creating a SQL Agent process that keeps the AIT lookup tables properly maintained.

When you add a new company, make sure to review the steps in the AIT manual, under the section “Adding a New Company”.  When you follow the steps outlined in the manual, do not mark  the AIT Setup Wizard option “Build AIT Tables”.  After you have completed the AIT Setup Wizard, you may need to run check links on the AIT Account Format table (File/Maintenance/AIT Maintenance).  This check links procedure can be run safely while users are logged into your system.  Do not run check links on the AIT Account Master: use the steps below to complete that check links process.

If you are adding a new internal company, you must first enter the account segment on the Dynamics GP Account Segment Setup window (Tools/Setup/Financial) and then enter the internal company on the AIT Company Setup window (Tools/Setup/AIT Setup). If you do not enter that information first, your new accounts will not be assigned to the internal company and you will have to separately run the AIT check links process.

If you have a large number of companies, or do not want to have to log all users out of Dynamics GP, you can use the “Update AIT Account Master” process on the AIT Utilities window.  This will update the AIT Account Master with all accounts in the current login company only, so you will have to log into each company to run this process on the new companies.

If you are getting one or more of the following errors, you need to run check links on the AIT Account Master:

– Account number is missing from that company.
– That account number does not exist in that company.
– Due From/Due To account(s) missing.
– This account is missing from the Intercompany Account Master.